Technical data

Weight: 5100 kg
Height: 2195 mm
Length: 2890 mm
Width: 1410 mm
Weight: 500 mm
Tires: Pneumatic tires
Tires: 250-15-16 PR
Tires: 6.50-10-10 PR

Goodsense FD40 G-Series Diesel Forklift

24 800 (+VAT)


Manufacturer: Goodsense
Power source: Diesel
Lifting capacity: 4000 kg
Fork lenght: 1200 mm
Lifting height: 4500 mm
Mast: Triplex freelift mast
Engine: Xinchai A498
Optional extras: Sideshift with positioner
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Warranty: 12 months

Technical data

Weight: 5100 kg
Length: 2890 mm
Width: 1410 mm
Height: 2195 mm
Weight: 500 mm
Tires: 250-15-16 PR
Tires: 6.50-10-10 PR

Looking for a powerful forklift for intensive field work? This versatile diesel truck is both reliable and durable. Good maneuverability and brisk acceleration make the 4.5-ton forklift very comfortable to operate.

  • Ideal for heavy field work and handling heavy loads
  • Gearbox with torque converter for smooth driving
  • Powerful and reliable industrial diesel engine
  • Unrivalled truck stability
  • Excellent visibility

The fully adjustable seat, ample legroom and adjustable steering wheel provide a pleasant experience for every driver.

The clear view of the mast and the head guard give operators an excellent overview of the load and the environment.

Designed for intensive work, the 4.5-tonne high-tonnage diesel truck is equipped with a robust chassis and powerful engine for maximum performance.

PDF catalogue – Goodsense 3-4T Diesel forklifts

Optional extras

Possible to order with many optional extras

– Sideshift
– Sideshift with positioner
– Heated cabin
– Solid tires
– Higher mast 3-6 meters
– Triplex mast
– Freelift mast
– Front window
– LED working lights
– Rotator


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