Causes of forklifts abnormal tire wear

The condition of the tyres is very important. In case of wear and tear and other problems, they should be replaced in time. Otherwise accidents can happen.

The tyres of the lift must be correctly inflated. Otherwise, the tyre will wear unevenly and will need to be replaced prematurely. If the tyre pressure is lower than recommended, the tyre walls will wear faster.

Uneven pressure on the tread causes severe wear on the shoulder, resulting in the “bridge effect”. The turvis is either serrated or wavy. The concave part of the tread pattern is easy to embed in roadbeds and rocks, causing mechanical damage. The rolling resistance of the tyre increases, as does fuel consumption. If the tyre pressure is too high, the contact area between the tyre and the road is reduced, the load and wear in the central part of the tyre increases.

When a tyre is exposed to lubricants, acids or alkalis and is used at high temperatures for long periods of time, the physical and chemical properties of the tyre are altered, resulting in a significant reduction in load capacity. Road conditions also have a major impact on tyre life, affecting the friction between the tyre and the ground and the dynamic load on the tyre.

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